Managers and Operators of wireless networks

Oricom Internet offers back-end services to all Internet Services Providers (ISP) and to managers of wireless Internet access areas all over the world, using its server application GO Hotspot. GO Hotspot enables you to install wireless Internet access areas/outlets for your existing clients and enables you to sign-on new customers.

GO Hotspot
GO Hotspot is a complete remote account management, authentification and billing system, enabling you to install Internet access areas/outlets (hotspot) quickly and at a very low cost. The accounting, authentification and activation are all performed automatically at our Information Center. All client transactions, including the service activation by credit card and the management of accounts, are performed automatically.

Our business partners are able to follow the evolution of each one of their remote access areas/outlets at all times and can also generate reports. Each business partner receives his own user id and password in order to have direct access to each of his outlets. Monthly transaction reports are sent to each partner.
Business partners
An Oricom business partner wants to provide remote Internet access to its customers. We provide the management of the site and you provide remote Internet access to your customers.
With our Hotspot package, you may install Internet access areas/outlets (hotspot) and sign-on new customers in just a few minutes. The users may access remote Internet by credit card or by prepaid cards which we provide and which you in turn sell to your customer, owner of the site.

Business partners email:
Phone number: 1-866-967-4266 ext. 1125